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Melissa Triester - Denver Dog Sitters Melissa’s Philosophy: The Benefits of Petsitting vs Kenneling

Petsitting - Advantages of a Petsitter

  • Animals prefer to be in their own surroundings and natural habitat so they can feel comfortable, familiar and at home. This decreases unnecessary stress and the possibility of picking up disease exposure.
  • Your pets have the opportunity to have one to one close contact without having the possible problems with other animals as well as distractions.
  • When we pet sit your k-9 or feline children all attention is on your pet customized by the clients requests.
  • Animals prefer to sleep in their own beds.
  • Keeping your pets at home creates the consistency as if their caretakers are still at home.
  • When we pet sit your animals the sitter can keep a close eye on any changes in health and or behavior so if any attention is needed your pet will be taken care of immediately.
  • When you come home you can expect wagging tails and purring kitty's and remember at anytime you are away you may call and talk directly to the person taking care of your pets.

"Only You Can Love Them More"


  • Kenneling can often create stress for a number of reasons.
  • Unfamiliarity with surroundings
  • The constant barking and behaviors of other animals.
  • From time of closing to time of opening the next day are a good 8-12 hours your pets are left alone and kenneled/crated.
  • Your pet does not get the sole attention and customized care.
  • Your pet is exposed to diseases and viruses that other kenneled pets may have.
  • Supervision is minimal based upon staffing and the amount of dogs being cared for.
  • Learning bad habits from other dogs.
  • Do you know who is really caring for your pets?
  • Your time is involved in regards to picking up and dropping off your pet.